Call Me Angel for Blues

  • 2007
  • Call Me Angel for Blues
  • Julie Black
  • BOJA Records


Another female blues singer looking for attention? Well, this one deserves it! Julie Black is a singer and songwriter from Florida who allegedly has written over 400 songs. This is her first album, and it swings and sizzles. A new talent has arisen!

No artist arrives de novo; each reflects his or her influences. Black’s vocal stylings suggest such antecedents as Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, perhaps Janiva Magness, and…surprisingly, Van Morrison. (Although Morrison is not primarily a bluesman in adherence to the 12-bar form of the blues, he certainly is a bluesman in the spiritual and emotional quality of his work. Listen to his duets with John Lee Hooker.) Black captures Morrison’s jazzy inflections and his impeccable sense of swing, which is high praise indeed.

Her vocals exhibit both smoothness and power.

There is not one bad cut on this album. The songs run the gamut from straight blues to gospel, R-&-B, and jazz, but all have the rootsy honesty and directness of blues. There’s a refreshing touch of humor, also; what can you do when even your dog don’t love you no more? A rotating group of musicians provide excellent back-up, particularly the guitarists and keyboard players. This has become one of my favorite releases of 2007.