�That Represent Man�

  • 2004
  • �That Represent Man�
  • The Mannish Boys
  • Delta Groove Productions


The Mannish Boys is a group of underrecognized Southern CA musicians with experience and musical wisdom: guitarists Kirk Fletcher and Frank Goldwasser, singer Finis Tasby, pianist Leon Blue, bass player Ronnie Weber, and drummer June Core. Abetted by lauded guest artists such as Paul Oscher, Roy Gaines, and Mickey Champion, the Boys lay down a tasty set of mid-tempo tracks which are short on narcissistic flamboyance and strong on ensemble coherence. Tasby’s vocals are smooth and evocative. Fletcher and Goldwasser alternate leads, limiting themselves for the most part to short but pithy and creative solos. Blue and the rhythm section are solid throughout. The emphasis is on the songs, not the artists. Like the Hollywood Blue Flames, another under-recognized So. CA blues band, this group honors the blues tradition by carrying it forward faithfully and expertly. A stellar disc!