Nothin’ To Prove

  • 2006
  • Nothin’ To Prove
  • Mac Arnold & Plate Full O' Blues
  • Plantation #1 Productions


Mac Arnold, former bass player for the legendary Muddy Waters, serves up a heaping helping of blues on “Nothin’ to Prove.”

The opening track, “Blues For You,” is an up-tempo dance number, in which Arnold sings, “What we’re gonna do is play the Blues for you,” and then he does just that. I imagine this is the tune with which Arnold opens his live shows.

The autobiographical “Ghetto Blue” chronicles Arnold’s time in Chicago: meeting saxophonist A.C. Reed in 1966, then joining the Muddy Waters band in 1967 and touring cross-country, working with Tyrone Davis and then Buddy Guy.

Arnold handles all of the lead vocal chores on the CD. His pleasant voice has a slight weathered edge of experience. Muddy Waters’s former bass player plays bass on just one track.

Mac Arnold has been playing the blues for over 40 years, and has assembled a band of skilled bluesmen to help him bring his music to life. Plate Full O’ Blues does an excellent job of backing up Arnold’s vocals, and provides some tasty solos as well. Soloists of note include guitarist Austin Brashier, Max Hightower on harp and slide guitar, and Rudy “Blues Shoes” Wyatt on piano.

“Nothin’ to Prove” has a nice mix of up-tempo and slow blues, and should be a welcome addition to any Blues fan’s CD library