Racin’ the Devil

  • 2006
  • Racin’ the Devil
  • Lee Rocker
  • Alligator Records


Though Racin’ The Devil is released on Alligator Records, which was founded by blues musicians, this is not your typical blues album. Rocker, who was the bass player for rockabilly powerhouse band Stray Cats, stays true to his roots.

Racin’ The Devil comprises 12 tracks representing an eclectic mix of musical styles. This is primarily a rockabilly album, with some country, blues, and swing added for seasoning. Rocker’s lead vocals are solid and clean. His slap-bass and the steady rhythm from drummer Jimmy Sage lay a solid foundation for the excellent guitar work of Brophy Dale and Buzz Campbell.

Lee Rocker was born Leon Drucker; had he assumed the stage name of Lee Bluesman, this album surely would have sounded differently. But Rocker is his name and that is his game, for the most part, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

While I enjoyed the album, fans looking for traditional blues may be disappointed. But if you are looking for something fresh to broaden your blues horizons, this may just be the CD for you.