A Message from SBBS President Fred Silsbee

Santa Barbara High School’s band practice was not where I was expecting to hear the Blues played expertly! But that was the case on May 28th and 29th as South Korean Blues band, Richiman & Groove Nice, was sponsored for a two-day workshop by Blues For Youth, the educational outreach program of the Santa Barbara Blues Society (SBBS). Music teacher and Band Director, Tyler Ravelli, coordinated with the SBBS to provide his students an opportunity to work directly with this talented band (a finalist in the 2022 International Blues Challenge and is now touring the United States).

The SBBS is hoping this Blues for Youth workshop will introduce more Blues music programming at the high school and with other local youth music programs in the upcoming school year. According to Mr. Ravelli, the two-day event proved highly beneficial for the students and was enjoyed by the student audience as well. Blues trio Richiman & Groove Nice merged their music and teaching skills to work with some very talented young student musicians creating an incredible Blues sound. The horn section with multiple saxophones, trumpets, and trombones were absolutely amazing – both in playing together and in taking solo turns.

Richiman & Groove Nice members Isaac Cha (guitar and vocals), Jinhee Baek (bass), and Io Lee (drums), represent the Korea Blues Society in Seoul, South Korea and perform professionally as well as teach music. Most recently, the group played at Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez, The Red Piano in Santa Barbara, and The Grape in Ventura.
After practicing with the students all day on Tuesday (5/28) and in the morning on Wednesday (5/29), they combined to put on what felt like a big band show. The audience for Wednesday afternoon’s performance was made up of fellow students, teachers, and representatives from the SBBS. Instruments included piano, organ, drums, and guitars (bass and lead), as well as the horns.

After the performance, most of the students stayed to take photos and selfies with Richiman & Groove Nice. A teacher in attendance told me that one of the music students said, “It was an experience I will never forget! Although we were nervous in the beginning, working with professional musicians made us all raise our game. I hope we can do this again soon!”

This Blues for Youth program was funded in part through a grant from the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation. For more information about Blues for Youth, send an email to info@sbblues.org.

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